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Title: That Unicomp keyboard NEW!
chunky ms paint

That keyboard I mentioned buying in the last post either came in on Friday or that's when I saw the package. I was freaking out when I brought it upstairs to open. The package has the Unicomp logo on the side. after using it for a few days, I think I'm ready to give it a review. Here goes nothing.

I bought the keyboard with the trackball on the top-right of the board. It's comfortable to use when you hold it from the side. Can't say if it's good for gaming or not but the DPI is like 2. It skips around the screen when you move it. (see image to right) Even if the trackball is kind of outdated, the typing is amazing. You can feel and hear the spring inside the key mechanism buckle. Dad says it's about as loud as a 60s typewriter, but like I don't have one of those so I can't really say for sure. The thing's really loud, though. You could probably hear this thing from the basement. (which my brother says we have but I have NOT been able to find it)

This keyboard is about as solid as it gets. Projected lifespan of one of these things: forever. You see? The facts all line up. It's on the heavy side, though, with around five pounds of tank. After I ordered it, I was worried about the "two-key rollover" that people said it had. I immediatley assumed this meant that you could only press two keys at any given time, but that isn't the truth. Playing Minecraft, I was able to hold Control, W, A, and Space all at one time. The rollover thing is confusing and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

All in all, should you buy one? No. They're a niche and handmade. This means they are EXPENSIVE. I bought mine for just under $130 USD. They don't suck, or at least in my experience they don't. Really, it's your decision. Don't let me make your choices.
Final Rating: 5 / 22

[9-12-2017 16:51:05]

Title: Wasted even more money wew

I ordered a Unicomp Classic Trackball last night. It'd better be worth it for $130 USD. It's basically a Model M in black/gray with a trackball in the top-right. I'll definitely review it for you guys whenever it comes in. You can buy one over at this link. I got a customized one in not-English just because I prefer the Swedish/Finnish layout. Hopefully I won't regret this purchase. If it sucks I'll tell you not to buy it.

I went to Best Buy a few years ago and one of the computers they had in the repair section deal had an IBM mechanical keyboard. I remember playing with it and that keyboard was LIT.

In summation: open it. play with it. review it. uh I guess that's it bye

[9-5-2017 07:36:11]

Title: Hello

My friends were begging me to update my site today, so that's what I'm going to do. It's not that I've been really busy lately, I just kind of forgot about this page. I'm scanning and uploading the "First Week of School Sketchbook Pack" today.

Hope that's of interest to all of you. I'm sorry I haven't updated. The About page has some new text. Check it out.

[8-28-17 14:21:20]

Title: Shadows

Wasted some time and made this here webpage with fancy shadows. Check it out. shadows.html

[3-2-17 20:48:42]

Title: Whoops

Sorry it took me so long to update the site. If you aren't seeing it correctly, go here and refresh. Thanks for your giving a care. I'm working on making a page for each of the separate pictures.

[2-28-17 16:04:26]

Title: Redesign: Complete

I've finished the new design. It'll take a few days to implement it, but after that this website will be a full-time thing.

[1-26-2017 13:51:34]

Title: Redesign

I'm starting to work on a more CSS-based design for this website so WebMatrix doesn't flip out on me when I use depricated table attributes. It will be up soon. That's all.

[1-19-2017 9:38:25]

Title: Almost There!

We've hit the final stretch week before the winter break. I'll have a birthday party sometime around monday or tuesday, and then I will have a ton of time to do stuff for the site. I already have a few animations and a drawing ready to be uploaded. I also have a crappy YouTube channel to which more uploads will be made as the break starts.

I plan to go record an adventure with my friends on my birthday, so with some editing it might not be as horribly boring as my other YouTube videos. I'll try to pump out some crappy animations while I'm at it.

[12-12-2016 15:07:32]

Title: State of this site

I made this site on December 6, 2016. I was sitting in school and thought I'd give web design a shot. I typed up this index page, as well as the Sims post. Over time, I'll be slowly adding more pages, filling this site with content. This includes writing these, uploading animations, drawings, and photos. This will take a long time.

While I'm probably not going anywhere with this website, it will at least help me improve my skill with html. And to be honest, it already has. I might get into actionscript or java soon, too, so maybe I'll be putting my games up here.

[12-7-2016 13:55:09]

Title: The Sims 3 J2ME

My cousin recently gave me one of his old phones, the Pantech Ease. While this phone is pretty ugly and turns lots of heads, I found it perfect for playing older mobile games on. Sadly, since AT&T shut down its App Center, it's impossible to buy the full version of The Sims 3 from the demo that's pre-installed on the phone. This meant that I had to source the internet, a dangerous place with russian cell phone games

Finding an English 240x320 version of The Sims 3 wasn't very hard. All it took was a quick Google search and a few shady websites. After installing it on the phone and playing it for a few days, I decided I'd try to talk about it some on my brand new website.

The first thing I can say is don't get a job. It's a pain so I instead invested in a fishing kit and spent my days playing the fishing mini game. Afterwards, I sold my fish at the Quickmart. This is a little bit of hard work, but you can get way more money from it in the end.

After I made more money fishing, I bought a repair and cleaning kit from the hobby store. Combined these cost 400 simoleons. I have no idea while the developers decided to have everything break once in a while, but it happens, and it's a pain in the butt the fix things. I broke my fridge and starved to death trying to fix it.

Until I get around to playing it some more, I'll stop it here.

[12-5-2016 11:11:53]

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